The Real Truth About the Magic of Questions for Children

In my seminars I am constantly reminded of a delightful truth. My programs are alive with games, exercises, surprises, and fun. I have the joy of watching even the most skeptical, reserved adults loosen up and elevate their spirits, rediscovering the playfulness, vitality, and openness of their youth. As they do so, they realize that there is not a barrier between childhood and adulthood, only a suspension bridge. The best part is when they discover that they, themselves, operate the control room that raises or lowers the bridge, creating connection or separation.

Suddenly it becomes clear that adults are really just big children! That’s why the enabling questions for children are just as applicable and valuable for “kids of all ages.”

Use these questions with your teammates at work, your friends, and all the people you love and watch them soar to new heights!

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