The Master List of Enabling Questions

The Magic of Questions for Breakthrough Leadership

Below I've listed several powerfully enabling questions to enrich your energy, relationships, flexibility and peace of mind.

What’s my most powerful next step?

What else could this mean?

What would I change if I was to accomplish this in half the time? What’s funny about this?

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

What’s most important to you about ...?

What would happen if...?

What’s the greatest gift you’ve ever given?

What made it so special?

How did it make you feel?

Who are your heroes?

What about them made them your heroes?

What did they think, believe, and do that you could use in your life?

What are the greatest lessons they helped you learn?

How and with whom can I apply what I’m learning right now in my life?

What’s great about this?

What did I feel great (grateful, inspired, at peace) about today?

What am I grateful about right now?

What is the toughest obstacle you’ve ever faced, and what got you through?

What’s the greatest team you’ve ever been a part of?

What made (makes) it such a great team?

How did you feel to be a part of that team?

What did you contribute to the team?

What did you receive from the team?

How would you do it if your underlying assumptions were opposite of what they are now?

How can I make this work?

How will I contribute so we make this work for the team long term?

How can I make this fun?

Who is the team?

What is my (our) true desired outcome?

What are the best resources to get the job done?

How can we get the most from what we have?

What would Gandhi or Jesus (or any model you hold in great esteem) do in this situation?

Add your own new enabling questions throughout your lifetime. And please remember to enjoy every precious moment!

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