Peaks and epics!

The Magic of Questions for Breakthrough Leadership

A simple set of questions can help reverse this spiral and bring us into alignment with our true intent and desired outcomes. I call these the “Winner’s Mindset Questions”!

  1. How will I make this work? PIQ (pronounced PEAK) - Possibility Inducing Question

  2. How will I contribute so that we make this work for the team? EPIQ (pronounced EPIC) - EXCITING Possibility Inducing Question

Would you rather surround yourself with HIQs (Hopelessness Inducing Question) and HAQs (Hopelessness Assured Question) or take charge and create a life of PIQs or better yet, EPIQs?

The transformation begins with an injection of personal responsibility through the introduction of the PIQ – “How will I make this work?” With this simple change, you shake yourself free. Suddenly you are back in the game, using your resourcefulness and energy to tackle the toughest challenges instead of sitting on the bench. The PIQ enables you to rediscover your initiative.

When HIQs and HAQs are replaced by PIQs in your organization, a significant emotional shift occurs that creates momentum and generates results. It is an important step, but even more is possible. PIQs get us started by firing up our initiative.

But the effects of PIQs tend to be short-lived. When we move beyond ourselves and bring our teammates into our awareness by asking, “How will I contribute so that we make this work for the team?” we have created an EPIQ -- an Exciting Possibility Inducing Question! Like such great epic films as The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, or Titanic, EPIQs last. These classics have both action and emotion. As EPIQs become the habitual questions you ask, initiative and intent combine to enable you to create your own masterpiece.

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