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Welcome to Brian Biro’s four-part Breakthrough Solution! 

It is a dynamic and fun program to ignite lasting success for your business, your team, and your life.

This program will guide you to generate sustained momentum as you develop powerful habits of personal responsibility, energy, and truly effective communication. In network marketing, the only way to achieve great success is to help OTHERS breakthrough with you. You will emerge from the Breakthrough Solution as a genuine BREAKTHROUGH LEADER who never stops taking personal action while helping others to do the same.

STEP 1: breakthrough Leadership zoom session

In this 2-hour Breakthrough Leadership Zoom event, you will emerge with clear understanding of how to:

  • Shape your future

  • Energize and engage yourself and your team

  • Build People, Teams, and Relationships

Live event

11:00 AM ET | August 15, 2020

Limited to 500 participants


STEP 2:  breakthrough leadership video series 

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In this 18-day, 2.5 minute per day video series, which is delivered to your email, the impact of the Zoom session is deepened and the Breakthrough Leadership principles and habits are powerfully reinforced.  Each short video includes a story, message, and action.  The video program is designed to be completed in a business month, the duration research tells us that is optimal for instilling new habits and ways of thinking.

videos to be sent after Completion of step 1

STEP 3: Every Registration includes a copy of brian's newest book the ROI of Kindness and the audiobook of bestseller beyond success

The ROI of Kindness: This little book reveals a BIG secret:  The immense impact and power of instilling a culture of kindness to generate extraordinary business results. 


Beyond Success has had an enormous impact on thousands of network marketing professionals and serves as a kind of personal coach.

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STEP 4:  The Unstoppable Power of Questions & Stories Live zoom session

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The two most important and effective communication tools for Healy marketers are questions and stories.  All too often network marketers want to spew out information and data to prospects.  But when you always begin by asking rather than telling you hold the secret to truly engage the prospect and to learn their motivations and challenges.  You immediately help the prospect feel important and that you truly care about them.  Once you listen and ascertain their wants, it is crucial that you build a repertoire of powerful stories to share.  A 2015 study by Forbes found that when a learning point, message, or lesson is delivered through a story rather than data and information, the listener retains that message 22 TIMES more than facts and statistics.  In this session you will learn these crucial tools and skills to connect at a whole new level!


BONUS EVENT: The Live Breakthrough Experience

When we hear, we forget.  When we SEE, we’re more likely to remember.  When we DO, we UNDERSTAND! 

In 2021 when live events are back in action, Brian will deliver the Breakthrough Experience, an event you will absolutely never forget.  There is nothing like this Breakthrough Experience!  In this dynamic live event, you will literally ‘break through’ a one-inch wooden board in the most inspiring and impactful individual and team experience you will ever attend.

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Please note: This program's date is TBD, based on COVID restrictions for 2021.


The Live Breakthrough Experience is normally $299 – however for those who completed Steps 1-4, it is discounted to $99!