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A simple, impactful, cost effective new virtual program to connect your team and build momentum in 2022, from Brian Biro - America’s Breakthrough Coach!


The BIG question for 2022


With your team on the edge of burn out and scheduling live events shaky due to Covid concerns as we enter 2022, how can you ignite your team, inspire their energy, and create real connection in a time and cost effective way?

"Of all the people who have influenced my life and contributed to forming core values that accelerated both my business success and family life, my cherished friend and mentor Brian Biro and his teachings are at the very top of that list. He is the single most consistent, humble, brilliant, authentic coach I have ever known. One of the greatest gifts in my life was meeting Brian while I was still in my early 30’s and working with him changed the trajectory of my career. Brian and his coaching were instrumental in guiding me to grow my business to a multi-million-dollar venture. More than two decades later, his words, wisdom, and friendship are a constant in an ever-changing work/life climate. What Brian teaches and exemplifies are timeless principles that up level every area of life. Anyone fortunate enough to know him and work with him will experience and massively benefit from his extraordinary impact." 

Lynda Cormier
Speaker, Founder of Journey to Heroic Joy



Brian Biro’s new one-of-a-kind virtual Breakthrough Momentum 2022! 

I have never been able to offer this level of continuous coaching as the demand for live speaking engagements has kept my calendar full over the past 30 years. However, as continue to navigate this new exceedingly virtual world, I am thrilled to able to provide this unique and truly impactful program to your team!


How Breakthrough Momentum Works!


I’ve designed this program with the KISS principle foremost in mind - KEEP IT SIMPLE SUPERSTAR!


The program includes 18 virtual sessions.  The sessions are crisp, FUN (vital after two years of endless onerous virtual meetings!), engaging, meaningful, and …drumroll …

TADA … SHORT (30 minutes MAX)!

The Breakthrough Momentum Schedule:

  1.     NOW!  The Allison Story
  2.     Controlling the Controllables
  3.     Breakthrough Vision
  5.     ENERGY TRANSFORMATION 1 (the trillion $ question!)
  6.     ENERGY TRANSFORMATION 2 (Defanging Energy Vampires)
  7.     InteGREAT!! Breakthrough Momentum Coaching! - Part 1
  8.     Building People 1 - World Class Buddy-Thanking
  9.     Building People 2 - The Secret Behind the Secrets
  10.     Building People 3 - A Piece of Cake - constructive and productive diversity
  11.     The Magic of QUESTIONS 1
  12.     The Magic of QUESTIONS 2
  13.     The Magic of QUESTIONS 3
  15.     Breakthrough momentum BELIEFS 1
  16.     Breakthrough momentum BELIEFS 2
  17.     The ROI of KINDNESS!
  18.     InteGREAT!! Breakthrough Momentum Coaching! - Part 2
Online Workshop


The cost for doing this program as a full-day live event, or a series of live events would be VERY substantial-- at least six figures -- when you consider travel and accommodations for all participants, catering, hotel/facility rental, production company costs, and my speaker fees.  For small teams and businesses, this would make such a program unfeasible budget-wise.  I've delivered hundreds of these events around the world over the past 31 years for big companies.  And, I've loved doing every single one!  But, I'd love to bring this program to smaller businesses without giant training budgets.


That's why I have designed THIS program to be extraordinarily cost-effective and affordable whether your business is small, medium, or large.  Since I'll deliver the program virtually, there are no travel costs for participants or for me as a speaker.  My ZOOM 'facility' requires no rental fee, catering, or production costs and I can accommodate as many as 500 participants and as few as 10!  To top it all off, I am offering a MAJOR discount from my standard speaking fees ... and even a DEEPER DISCOUNT for any teams that book the program before February 28th so long as it is scheduled for any time in 2022.  Of course, you can still book the program after February 28th, and still receive a solid discount from my normal speaking fees. But if you book before that 2/28/22 deadline you'll save even MORE!


When you contact me, I think you will be astonished at how affordable I've made this program for you!  I want to reach as many people and organizations as I possibly can in 2022!  I can't wait to serve YOUR TEAM!  

Let's talk very soon about bringing this exceptional program to YOUR team!  It's a tremendous investment that will have LASTING impact!

I can't wait to hear from you!


"I can say without hesitation that NO ONE has had a bigger impact on my life than Brian Biro.  His genuine love for people and unmatched blend of energy, wisdom, and presence really sets him apart from anyone I’ve ever met.  He doesn’t just look for the greatness in others, he seems to feel it, and then he helps them feel it, too.  What’s really amazing is his approach is as fun and energizing as it is productive and prolific.  The end result is a new level of clarity, confidence, and possibility that will catapult your future beyond anything you could have imagined on your own.  It is an amazing experience.  Truly life changing!"

Professional Speaker