I recently delivered a brand new, extraordinary program I developed for the US Navy. They wanted a program that did more than inspire their team.  They wanted a program that would LAST and DEEPEN by instilling new habits, intention, skills, and ways of thinking!  I put a ton of energy, focus, and good old-fashioned hard work into creating this powerful and expansive program. In many ways this program is the culmination of over 40 years of leadership experience, teaching, and writing. The response has been so overwhelming that I'm thrilled to announce that I am now making it available for YOUR team!  There's really nothing quite like it!  

Just as in the US Navy, successful, inspiring, and effective leadership must focus on CONTROLLING our CONTROLLABLES!  When we do so, we generate momentum, confidence, energy, and BREAKTHROUGH results.  That's what this program is all about.  

Here's how it works: 



I begin the program by listening.  I will interview your team (up to 10 interviews) to learn all I can about your desired outcomes, opportunities, and challenges.  This is crucial to customize effectively for you.

STEP 2:  present!

There are FIVE exciting, interactive, and content-filled sessions in the Breakthrough Leadership program (for a sample of some of the custom content included, check out the Engagement Guide I created for the US Navy program here).  The first four programs can be delivered in any combination of LIVE and VIRTUAL presentations.  For example, I could deliver the program in separate LIVE or VIRTUAL events spaced throughout a month, quarter, or year.  Or, you may prefer to have all five sessions combined into one full-day live blockbuster event.


The final session is only available as a LIVE presentation because it includes the unparalleled Breakthrough Experience.  In this final session, your participants become the stars as they APPLY all they've learned in the first four presentations.  They emerge with more belief, energy, inspiration, and practical tools than ever before to generate magnificent breakthrough results! 


When we hear, we forget. When we SEE, we remember.  But only when we DO, do we UNDERSTAND

Breakthrough Leadership (2).png

The FIVE sessions:

   1)  The ALLISON factor

   2)  Shape Your Future

   3)  Energize and Engage Your Team

   4)  Build People, Teams, and Relationships

   5)  The Breakthrough Experience

STEP 3:  instill!

This is where the principles, skills, and BREAKTHROUGHS catalyzed from the five sessions become powerfully instilled as new habits and ways of thinking.  This aspect of the Breakthrough Leadership program includes these exciting assimilation elements:

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 11.21.56 AM.png
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Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 11.25.28 AM.png

My 18-day, 2.5-minute-per-day Breakthrough Leadership VIDEO series.  Each day every participant will receive via email a new 2.5-minute video to begin their day with powerful breakthrough intention!  Every video includes a story, message, and action that reinforces and deepens the impact of the five sessions.  


The complete and unabridged audio version of my bestseller: Beyond Success with forward by my mentor and friend, the great coach John Wooden.  


A priceless 33-minute audio recording of an empowering interview I did with Coach Wooden.


Twelve articles on the power of QUESTIONS delivered one per week.  The most important skill of Breakthrough Leaders in working with up-and-coming leaders and multi-generational team members is the least taught... becoming a MASTER ASKER!  



Individual copies of my newest book:  The ROI of Kindness that reveals the most transformational secret to building an unstoppable culture!

Let's talk very soon about bringing this exceptional program I developed for US Navy leaders to YOUR team!  It's a tremendous investment that will have LASTING impact!

I can't wait to hear from you!