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"I'm not sure words can express how incredibly blown away we all were by your visit last week! Of all the speakers I've booked (and there have been many!), and all of the experiences I personally have encountered (and they have been varied), the two hours with you topped them all." - C.K., Director, Sprint PCS

"It's hard to put into words how I personally feel after having you visit us. Breaking through my board has to be one of the most uplifting and empowering experiences of my life. It helped me to realize that I can do anything, if only I visualize it. You are definitely on my list of special people, and I want to express my extreme gratitude to you. Simply, you have changed my life. Brian, once again, thank you immensely. We will remember your visit for a long time and we'll cherish every precious moment we have." - L.S. , LACERA

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If you would like to send Brian an email message, you can contact him at bbiro@att.net or call him directly at (828) 242-0738

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