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Brian – 

I participated in your seminar today at MSLI in Reno, NV and wanted to write you a note to let you know how moved I was by what I experienced. At MSLI we have many trainings, and I’m sad to say the majority fall short of my expectations and I walk away disappointed, sorry I lost that time in my life to be productive. The experience today was beyond different and what I learned from you will resonate with me personally and professionally for a lifetime. From the unfortunate moment the seminar was over, I implemented what you had just taught me and from that moment my outlook is forever changed.

Thank you for being such a phenomenal coach, speaker, leader, and above all, human being. I will lead by example and have already shared what I gleaned from you with those who have crossed my path today. Please consider me, aside from your family of course, one of your greatest fans. You made an extraordinary impact on me and I will forever be grateful for the 4 hours I was able to spend with you.

Best regards,


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