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From EGO to WE GO!

If it's to be, it's up to WE!

Program Description:

You know the story...sales hates operations…Operations can’t stand sales…their only agreement is that they abhor the home office just a little bit more! 


Though this description may be a bit of an exaggeration in your organization, it is absolutely clear that enormous energy, momentum, and results are being lost through the separation that comes from silos. Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach has tackled this challenge head on in real life, not just from the stage! 


First, he built one of the nation’s largest and most accomplished swimming teams, successfully merging two top programs into a powerful and united whole. 


Next, as a corporate vice president at a leading transportation company, Brian used the same teambuilding principles and strategies you’ll learn in this one-of-a-kind presentation to engineer a phenomenal turnaround that resulted in enormous sales and profitability growth while transforming a silo-infested organization into a high performance team!


For the last 20+ years as a speaker and consultant, Brian has assisted hundreds of organizations to come together and build environments of mutual support, true respect, and great appreciation for one another.  It’s a formula that creates BREAKTHROUGHS and the winning knowledge that, if it's to be…it's up to WE! 


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