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What you focus on is what you CREATE!

Program Description:

Great leaders know the secrets to help themselves and their team members move from “it’s a job” to “it’s my PASSION.”  They energize and engage the team, build effective and connected relationships, shape the future, and model personal excellence, integrity, personal responsibility, and humility.  That’s how they deliver exceptional results.  And every participant in this presentation is a leader – a self-leader – no matter what his or her title or position may be!


In this powerful presentation Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach teaches every single leader how to truly build people and build teams – to be true breakthrough leaders!  You’ll learn how to help everyone you affect to travel the most important 18 inches they will ever experience, from their heads to their hearts.  Remember, if you’re not INspired, you’re on your way to being EXpired! 


FOCUS will awaken personal responsibility, vision, and personal excellence in everyone who attends this unforgettable event!


"What you focus on is what you CREATE!"

- Brian Biro 


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