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Building People

The ultimate secrets to building a culture of optimism!

Program Description:

How do you build trust, momentum, energy, and passion into every member of your team, whether you’re the long-time leader or the rawest rookie?  And when the workday is done, how do you bring that same enthusiasm to your loved ones?  Most importantly, how do you build these qualities within yourself? 


In Building People! Brian Biro, America’s Breakthrough Coach guides you to exciting and fresh new approaches in using recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation to build others. 


Through wonderful stories and engaging activities, you’ll discover the most crucial keys to building trust and to helping everyone around you feel important and significant.  You’ll learn the most surprising secret to elevate engagement and build leaders. 


Along the way, you will never experience a presentation with greater energy than Building People! By the conclusion of the presentation you will be fired up to lift and ignite all those around you, whether your teammates and colleagues in your professional life or your loved ones at home.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."  

- Thomas Edison 


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