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Breakthrough Leadership

Breakthroughs are not just possible - they're plannable!

Program Description:

Ultimately, no matter what industry you’re involved in, you are in the BREAKTHROUGH business! 

Every day you seek to breakthrough with customers to generate loyalty, satisfaction, and relationship.  The key to lasting success in business is breaking through with your own team members so they eagerly embrace personal responsibility, committed purpose, and leadership. They must see themselves as breakthrough leaders!  And especially in times of challenge, they must focus persistently on what they CAN do rather than wasting time and energy on the things they don’t control. 

This one-of-a-kind presentation ignites the energy and true leadership potential in every participant. 

Breakthrough Leadership is full spectrum leadership that teaches every participant how to shape the future, energize the team, build effective relationships, drive results, and model personal excellence, integrity, and accountability.  In this vibrant, engaging presentation, you’ll gain new appreciation for your impact on others and how you can make a genuine difference!  The session creates a fresh, new, and exciting vision of leadership that includes:

  • Igniting “E” Power in your team—the #1 key to igniting others and self

  • Being fully present, the key to building people, trust, and balance

  • The most surprising and powerful essentials to recognition, acknowledgement, and appreciation

  • The critical importance of becoming a master of questions



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