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Room Setup - Keynote

1.  Room Setup – Preferred

  • Set the room theater style (no tables) with a four foot center aisle and the front row approximately six feet from the front of the stage. I'll also need...
  • A riser stage 12 feet deep by 18 to 24 feet wide.
  • Two (2) Flip chart stands with top bars that have the two pegs for hanging the pads (I bring the pads)
  • A six foot table placed at the rear of the stage for my various seminar goodies and the stereo system
  • Two (2) eight-foot tables in the back of the room next to the entrance/exit where I’ll set up my books/CDs/products for purchase
  • Please have full room lighting, like day-time! 


** Note: This is a lively and vibrant event.  We WILL make noise so the hotel/facility should expect our exuberance!


2.  Audio-Video

I'll need:

  • A stereo that I can plug my I-pad into set on the table on the stage or at an AV tech station.
  • A cordless lavalier microphone with fresh batteries.
  • A cordless handheld microphone for whomever will introduce me at the event.



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