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Avanoo Program

I'm so excited to introduce you and your team to a simple but powerful follow-up program that will have a fantastic impact on every participant and really increase your ROI from the event.

The program is an 18-day, THREE-minute per day video series called Leading Others that I've created in association with a fantastic company called AVANOO (who have done extensive research in video-based learning). Here's what makes it so excellent:

  1. Each three-minute video contains a wonderful story, a key principle, and a simple but important action to take

  2. The videos are SHORT - THREE MINUTES each

  3. The videos come directly to each person's email each day. They simply click on the thumbnail link and BOOM!

  4. Over 18 days the videos instill the HABITS of energy, focus on service, engagement, and personal leadership

  5. Because all team members participate the program creates team momentum

  6. Team members can share each day's video with family and loved ones when they come home

  7. The videos powerfully reinforce my teambuilding seminar

  8. The videos are beautiful (great time lapse photography and wonderful music) ... I LOVE them!

  9. The program is inexpensive and INCREDIBLY cost effective.

  10. The screen for each day is customized with your logo and/or key messages

My simple vision for your team is to kick the Leading Others program off as soon as we can (WHILE THE IRON IS HOT) and run each weekday for 18 business days, starting shortly after the live event. 

What an AWESOME way to make the event last week have lasting and increased value!  

We can have you up and running VERY quickly.

The retail price of the program is $79.95 per person and discounted pricing is available for groups.

I have wanted to come up with a great follow-up program for 24 years! THIS IS IT!  After so many different attempts, this one works! It's short, consistent, impactful, comes right to each participant, and affects them positively both professionally and personally. 

At the end of the 18 days your team will think differently, with fresh focus and energy. There is NOTHING more powerful than that!



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