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Brian Biro — Room Setup and AV Requirements – 300+ Participants

1.  Room Setup

  • Set the room theater style (no tables) with a four foot center aisle and the front row approximately six feet from the front of the stage.
  • We'll need a minimum of double the space than the number of participants.  For example, with 800 participants we need a room for at least 1,600.  The back half of the room should be open without chairs.  This space will be used for the Board-breaking Experience. I'll also need...
  • A riser stage 12-16 feet deep by 18-24 feet wide.
  • Two (2) Flip chart stands with top bars that have the two pegs for hanging the pads (I bring the pads)
  • A six foot table placed at the rear of the stage for my various seminar goodies and the stereo system
  • A second riser stage just behind the chairs at the start of the open area (at the far end of the open area) where I will teach and lead the board breaking.  This riser should be 16 x 16, or 16 x 24, and 3 feet high so all the participants can easily see me as they are standing.  There is nothing on this riser.
  • Three (3) eight-foot tables in the back of the room next to the entrance/exit where I’ll set up my books/CDs/products for sale
  • Please have full room lighting, like day-time! 


** Note: This is a VERY lively and vibrant event.  We WILL make noise so the hotel/facility should expect our exuberance!


2.  Audio-Video

I'll need:

  • A stereo that my I-pad can plug into at the AV tech station.
  • A cordless lavalier microphone with fresh batteries.
  • A cordless handheld microphone for whomever will introduce me at the event.


3.  Participant Materials

  • Nametags for each participant
  • Pens or pencils for each participant (regular “Bic” type ballpoints are best)

4. Board Holder Volunteers

We will need one board holder for every 10 participants.  So, for 1,000 participants, we need approximately 100 holders.  Holders should be physically fit and at least of medium height.  I will train the holders an hour before the start of the event or at another time that works for you.  The board-holding training will take about 20 minutes.  



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